A Message from your Operating Committee:

  1. Number 26 was a success!! Camp Aldersgate was very accommodating. The food was by most commentary better than Alton Jones’. Sleeping rooms were comfortable and warm. The Great Hall served well with its lighting and large fireplace. An added bonus was a lounge with snacks and with seating for smaller groups and shared conversations. There was plenty of space for workshops.
  2. Seventeen men were able to attend.
  3. PLENARY SESSION on Sunday morning. We talked about the challenges and opportunities is we aspire to a #27. There were many good ideas offered. Of even greater value was the offering of additional manpower to boost the numbers and efforts of the OC. Can we grow our numbers and get men back into participation and attendance?
  4. WORKSHOPS were offered by Burr(2), Chuck, Philip, Tim and Steve. Topics this year were Tribal Politics, the Man Box, Morning Stretches and Sounds, Sons of Our Fathers, Talking to a Younger/Older You and Prostate Health.

What happens at RIMG?

Opening and closing circles are two of the most important parts of the weekend. Opening circle, held after a light dinner on Friday, is an opportunity for participants to introduce themselves and share what they wish to get out of the gathering. The closing circle, held before lunch on Sunday, is a chance for each man to speak about what the weekend has meant to him. Many men feel the circles are the most moving parts of the experience. The weekend begins with check-in on Friday at 5:00 PM and ends Sunday after lunch. While the schedule is full of workshops, socializing, discussion, and entertainment, men can choose to spend time just sitting around the fireplace relaxing.

The location

NEW: “The Camp Aldersgate Experience” has many different layers, but one core value… community! For over 70 years, youth and adults have found a sacred space where they can unwind from the world. Year round, Aldersgate, an outdoor ministry site of the United Methodist Church, is a place where people of all ages experience the peace and excitement of Creation. Come find out why generations of campers call Aldersgate home!